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Powerful Tuberculocidal Disinfectant
The Annihilyzer® system is a turnkey on-site generation (OSG) unit that effectively dispenses and manages Electrochemically Activated Solutions OSG 11-12 All Purpose Cleaner and OSG 460 D Disinfectant. Our cutting edge generator provides facilities a vast array of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection capabilities. The Annihilyzer® system is truly an end-to-end total hospital disinfection system. We produce a powerful tuberculocidal disinfectant along with patented RFID tracking technology that together, are unmatched in the industry in stopping the spread of infectious disease. We can help you eliminate HAIs in your facility today.
Proven Protocol Training and Accountability
If you're looking for effective cleaning protocols, streamlined processes, increased accountability, and better training methods - then look no further. We provide a powerful tracking software that uses RFID/NFC technology with an easy to use application that allows you to track personnel, protocols and processes. The key to infectious disease control is using effective cleaning steps with proven methods for measurable results, and we can help. Whether you're an in-house or contract cleaning professional, we can help you make ‘the rubber meet the road’ in moving you toward a safer and sustainable facility, with a lot less liability.
Liability Reduction Through Proper Reporting
Proper reporting is paramount to the elimination of HAIs in your facility. Your infection prevention team needs accurate and updated information in ‘real time’. Protocols need to change during critical events, such as a flu outbreak, and new protocols need to be ‘pushed’ out to your cleaning staff in a quick and easy manor. Our ‘cloud-based’ reporting system is available to any of your authorized users through a convenient portal – 24/7. The sharing of this ‘real-time’ information, and the updating of your protocols, are the key to better combating this growing epidemic in all environments – including yours.

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) — also known as a nosocomial infection are transmitted within a healthcare facility from patient to patient.  It can be spread throughout the hospital environment, nursing home environment, rehabilitation facility, clinic, or other clinical settings resulting in a 35 billion dollar a year problem.  HAI’s include C-Diff, Staph, MRSA, ….   With our system, not only can we reduce harmful bacteria but we can also help you drastically reduce the financial liability associated with HAI and improve your bottom line savings, by increasing efficiency, reporting, and cutting down on labor and harmful chemical costs.  

"Our technology does to the chemical industry what UBER did to the transportation industry.”


April 15, 2020

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April 15, 2020

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April 1, 2020

Plant Upgrades – Paradigm Convergence Technologies – finalizing plant upgrades to produce maximum fluids for hospitals and other industries who need our disinfectant

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